Solving the toughest problem in batteries

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Conamix is a team of work-hardened battery experts turning sulfur cathodes from the out of reach holy-grail of lithium ion cathodes into a global product with the energy, power and cycle life demanded by the EV revolution.

The lowest cost and highest energy viable cathode material on the periodic table – globally abundant and a by-product of the oil and gas industry.

The Problem:
Making sulfur cathodes work at real commercial performance levels – sulfur by-products reduce performance and drop cycle-life while low density single function materials impact energy and power.

The Solution:
Conamix is on track to make lithium sulfur work on a global scale by using a ‘stack’ of multi-functional materials that will address the barriers that blocked past efforts. Conamix Sulfur Stack™ includes:

  • Meta particles with gradient structures that balance the transport of ions and electrons for improved power capability, energy density, and life
  • Bi-functional cathode additives that simultaneously store Li and conduct electrons, replacing expensive and space wasting carbons
  • A new ‘binding’ molecule that spatially constrains the electrochemical reaction storing the energy and thereby extends life
  • Novel electrolyte components that improve the basic efficiency of the electrolyte, providing improved energy density
  • A novel cathode design that enables a new level of safety and energy density

The Advantages:
Drop in slurry coatable cathode active from low cost materials

  • Completely cobalt and nickel free cathode
  • Over 25% cost reduction at the cell level in $/kWh

Based on innovations developed at Cornell, Stanford, University of Waterloo, Berkeley Lab and other global research institutions

Leadership Team

Charlotte Hamilton, CEO, co-founder and Board Member

15 plus years of experience commercializing new materials for global products. Co-inventor of multiple pieces of intellectual property on the composition of matter for novel sulfur cathode material. Former President of Novomer through launch of first global product.

Stephen Burkhardt, CTO

15 plus years of hands-on technical leadership in energy storage R&D. Research lead for DuPont Energain® fluorinated electrolytes. Led development of new EV battery thermal management products for DuPont Electronics and Communications. Researcher for GE Durathon® Na-NiCl2 battery characterization and performance testing.

Nabil Elkouh, COO

25 plus years of development experience in reserve, primary, secondary, and flow batteries. Leadership on all aspects of battery development: mines to production. President of Erigo Technologies for 16 years leading breakthroughs for customers in batteries and lightweight metals.

Robert Pangborn, Chairman of the Board

Former VP Central R&D at The Dow Chemical Company. Board chair for multiple successful VC backed new material companies. Executive Chair of Sirrus through acquisition by Nippon Shokubai.

Primary Investors


March 9, 2021, International Battery Seminar and Exhibit
The Long and Winding Road to Electric Vehicles
Bart Riley, Conamix CTO

Abstract: Tremendous progress has been made developing/commercializing Li-based batteries for automotive. With superlative energy density and increasingly competitive cost – coupled with regulatory trends world-wide, Li-based batteries have gained traction in all auto applications. With my experience at A123Systems, Quantumscape, and now Conamix, I will review the history of Li-based batteries since the turn of the century, current events and trends and make some follow-on projections of things to come. LEARN MORE