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The path to the
EV Batteries

Image by Henry & Co.


Our Lithium Sulfur battery technology reduces the cost of electric vehicles and makes them available to all customer segments without using expensive and exotic materials or constrained supply chains. 

Our Approach

Our unique holistic approach allows us to tackle every challenge holding back Li-S performance. Our technology rests on a comprehensive understanding: From the fundamental materials chemistry to the design and manufacturing of battery cells and packs. Conamix has overcome the technical barriers and is unlocking the full potential of Li-S batteries.

Cathode Active

High energy & high rate


Reduced electrolyte requirements

Simple and inexpensive


Improved energy, rate, and cycle life​


Eliminated the need for high cost electrolyte​

Cathode Engineering

​Water-based processing (NMP-free)

Advanced microstrucure yields high power and high cycle life 

Cell & System Engineering

High capacity and avoids active material loss ​

Smooth Li plating promoted by multilayer coatings and advanced charging algorithms 

Our Advancements


Long Range

Enabling cross-country treks >400Wh/Kg designs demonstrated that are higher energy than today's Li-ion batteries, allowing longer distances than ever. 


Fast Charge

Charging to 80% in less than 20 minutes. Getting drivers back on the road quickly.


High Power

Take the pedal to the metal. Efficient power reduces the need for thermal management and extends drive time.

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“The idea that we could deliver the promise of electric vehicles to the everyday household is what inspires us most: Tech for all, not just some.” 

Stephen Burkhardt, CTO

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